I’m a software developer and this page is a memorandum of a few of the things I did over the years. I like the way pictures talk (especially when animated) so this page is not a resume but a visual reminder of things I loved working on.

Sofware developer at Animal Logic

Now famous for the Lego movies franchise. I have the chance to work on the sequel of the Lego Movie. My mission at Animal Logic consists in making and improving existing tools for the Performance team. Basically handling animation, camera, faces. I’ve been credited in Lego Ninjago Movie.

Sofware developer at Golaem

Golaem is a provider of solutions for crowd simulations. I started there in 2012. We had less than 10 clients and even less productions released. Nearly 5 years later, I’m very proud of what the team acheived. Close to 200 clients and dozen of released TV serie episods, movies and video games. I had the chance to work on:

  • The realtime rendering pipeline
  • The n-ped animation system
  • Some behaviors like UV-Pin
  • The paint system
  • Internal QA toolchain
  • The Cache Layout Tool
  • many more smaller things

Last year and a half, I devoted my time to the Cache Layout Tool. It can be described as Photoshop for crowd simulations. You can select, move, delete, change trajectory, duplicate,… characters of the simulation. I designed the architecture and coded most of it. I’m especially proud of this feature because it spawned out as a stand alone product.

Game developer

I’ve been a game developer for some years(2005-2007) at Fresh3D. I had the chance to release my first game on PlayStation2 : Mountain Bike Adrenaline. It didn’t have a good Metacritic but I enjoyed coding all the terrain pipeline from scratch. I also started the PC DX9 conversion but left the company before its release. During those years I also had the chance to put my hands on a PlayStation 3 devkit. We were funded by Sony for an unreleased prototype called ‘Strings Attached’. I worked on rendering tech(AO, shadows, SPU skinning). Some bits on audio, lua scripting,..

Personal projects


A while ago I wanted to experiment a couple shader and mix them together. After a couple hours I ended up having a basic node graph editor and a property editor. I keep adding features. Check the Github page for more infos

Imogen 0.4 Imogen 0.4


I like the constraints brought by 64Kb demos and how to pack a 3minutes tech demo with sound, graphics, code in a single 64Kb executable. I should release demos more often. Check my latest WIP demo called ‘Dawn’.

Dawn width=390 height=220 Dawn width=390 height=220 Dawn Dawn

Procedural Content researches

Various attemps at making procedural content in animation and character areas. WIP.

Proc Proc Proc

.the rush//

An indie game started as a hobby in 2007 and which finished greenlighted on Steam! It’s a futuristic anti-gravity race game featuring 32 tracks made proceduraly. I’ve spent countless hours making the engine, the procedural content and the gameplay. The game has been presented for 2 years at the Stunfest in Rennes. I did most of the code, design, graphics,.. with the help of some friends. Steam page

SuperFluid Shooter

A small game experiment featuing SPH fluid solver. Heavily inspired by Pixel Junk Shooter by Q-Games. I fell so much in love with the tech described by Jaymin Kessler during GDC10 that I decided to code it myself.


ImGizmo is a small (.h and .cpp) library built ontop of Dear ImGui that allow you to manipulate(Rotate & translate at the moment) 4x4 float matrices. No other dependancies. Coded with Immediate Mode (IM) philosophy in mind.Fork it on GitHub!

Imguizmo Imguizmo